The Hybrid Wars


Hybrids. A new species created from a blood-borne virus passed from vampires sweeping through the wolf shifter population of Portland and surrounding areas. Infected wolf shifters evolve into a creature that is still wolf with all the attributes of a vampire, including their occasional thirst for blood. A member of this new breed is a killer draining unsuspecting women of their life blood and dumping their prey on the Portland Pack lands.

Keonna Johnson is over trying to hold onto a relationship that is doing nothing for her. Over being the one giving and not getting anything in return. Deciding to end it and disembark from a cruise vacation, she finds herself lost in the forest on pack lands after her rental car breaks down. Unaware of the secret world and danger she has landed in and with no way to call for help, she comes face-to-snout with snarling wolves. Next thing she knows she’s waking up in a clinic with a broken wrist and an unknown illness. After completing a battery of tests for every disease known to man, the results reveal family secrets and something no one thought possible.

Darren Williams, the next Alpha of the Portland Pack has no desire, to find the mate he gave up looking for a long time ago. His attention is directed towards more pressing matters going on in his pack at the moment, such as the hybrid stacking bodies on his pack’s land. Stumbling upon his mate while on patrol was not in his plan, but with a murderer on the loose and an unexpected illness, getting her to safety is his first priority. Secrets uncovered about his mate threatens to rock the hybrid world as he knows it.

Keonna’s safe little bubble is about to pop, and she has no other choice but to adapt or face extinction. Will the secrets of her family shed light on her troubling dreams? Or will the threat to her life cast shadow over Darren’s struggle to protect his destiny?

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Can her family secrets be the cure for the hybrid virus?


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