Kisses Like Irish Cream: The Murphy Brothers Saga


Ashya Graham moved to Massachusetts in hopes of living the fairy tale life with her boyfriend Jared. Two months after moving away from everything she knew and loved Jared up and left, leaving Ashya alone and estranged from everyone, including her twin Laysha. That was until Brendan Murphy walked into her life. He’d become her best friend, confidant, and lifeline, helping her regain her self-worth. But when Brendan finds himself on the run from a local crew, will she be able to handle the possibility of losing him to his family secret? Or will love conquer all?

Brendan Murphy just wants to live his life the way he wants to live it. His best friend Ashya taught him that. To live in the moment no matter what comes. He was not a businessman like his brothers. No, Brendan was a brawler. Always had been. But when a local crew comes after him, he has no choice but to run or face dragging Ashya, the woman he loves, into his mess. When his brother Rory’s girlfriend is taken, it causes family secrets to be revealed. Secrets that help shed light on Brendan’s true nature. Will they be able to settle his mishap with the local crew? Or will the temptation of the life offered, be too great to turn down?

The world hidden from him is looking more and more like a possibility, but is he willing to lose Ashya in return?

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The life offered may be more than Brendan can resist. Is he willing to risk it all?


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