Chocolate Delights


Love was never in the picture for freelance photographer Jamal Taylor. His destiny seemed to be only taking scores of pictures of those in love, surrounded by love, even saying goodbye to love. Finding himself having unsolicited thoughts about the owner of his favorite eatery Chantel Fifty, takes him by surprise. The most natural thing in the world was for him to ask her to sit for him. He would love to capture her beauty with his camera and create his own love session with her. However, for the past three years he’s asked, she’s turned him down. Jamal wonders what she’s hiding, and what he could do to get Chantel to trust him enough to open up to help her.


Chantel Daniels never thought she would live a life in hiding. Dreams of owning her own five-star restaurant falling to the wayside as she accepts her fate as a high profile lawyers kept trophy wife. With nothing of her own, for a while, Chantel is content to obey and be what her husband wants her to be, losing herself in the process, until Chantel finds incriminating files and tens of thousands of dollars in bribe money. She can barely believe her well-respected husband is involved with the criminal world until a man threatens her. Chantel makes a decision to break away from her controlling husband and run. Although four years later, with a new life and new beginning, keeping a secret such as hers, Chantel is lonely. When sexy as hell photographer Jamal Taylor shows interest in her, the temptation of the Chocolate Delights he promises gets harder and harder to resist.

Can Chantel let go, open her heart and tell Jamal her secrets? Is Jamal strong enough to handle the storm Chantel brings his way? Chocolate never tasted so sweet when danger is in the mix.

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Chocolate never tasted so sweet when danger’s in the mix.


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