A Billionaire’s Heart


Steven Smith is a hard man to love. For the majority of his life, there hasn’t been a woman alive who could tame him or melt his ice-cold heart. Until the day he hires retired Naval officer Tisha McLean. She was supposed to protect his body from the many people who want to kill him, but he might be willing to give his heart for her protection as well.

Tisha McLean is in love with a monster. For five years she watched Steven Smith do some nefarious things. Not knowing how he felt about her all these years has left her with some hard choices to make. But when an attempt on Steven’s life is almost successful, can she put aside what her head knows is right and go with her heart?

It takes a special kind of woman to melt a monster’s heart…if he’s willing.

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A retired naval officer turned Head of Security for one of the most dangerous men in Chicago falls in love with him trying to change the monster inside.


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