After having her heart broken twice by a man she thought was her forever, Remi McMillian packed her things, kissed her father goodbye, and moved to New York. Landing the job at St. Clair Technologies was a godsend. Working for the wealthy, yet obstinate Tony St. Clair was not. An unexpected business trip to Chicago, however, has her seeing her employer in a completely different light. One taste of the good life in the vibrant city accompanied by one of the most powerful men in the world had Remi Falling in love with her boss.

Tony St. Clair was a man who kept women at his beck and call, selecting his weekly eye candy on a whim. As of late, there was one who eluded him: Remi McMillian. In the office, his personal assistant was prim, proper, and prompt, but outside the office she oozed confidence, glowed with radiance, and possessed a smile that left him breathless. Tony’s infatuation for Remi was something that had to be satiated…quickly. Determined to have her all to himself, Tony’s meticulously laid plans come to a screeching halt when ghosts from his past return to threaten his very existence.

Will their past mistakes allow this unlikely couple to embrace love? Or will the presumptions she has of this billionaire ruin their happily ever after?

Erica Faulk has always been a party girl. Going out on Tinder dates is a way for her to meet new people and just have fun. That is until her best friend, Remi is almost killed by her deranged ex. Remi’s ordeal shook Erica to her core. Now, the once self-proclaimed Social Media Queen has given up her party girl lifestyle. A business trip to Chicago and help from a handsome stranger with eyes like brown sugar, might be what she needs to get her edge back.

Martin Wright’s senses were ensnared by a mocha beauty who might be able to get his mind off work and help have have some fun for a change. What Martin didn’t expect was for Erica to check all the boxes for his ideal woman. There’s just one problem–Erica has no clue who he is. There’s also the small matter of the mysterious red head who wants her just as much as he does.

Will Erica give in and find herself in Martin’s love? Or does she run into the arms of a stranger that could mean the death of her?

Steven Smith is a hard man to love. For the majority of his life, there hasn’t been a woman alive who could tame him or melt his ice-cold heart. Until the day he hires retired Naval officer Tisha McLean. She was supposed to protect his body from the many people who want to kill him, but he might be willing to give his heart for her protection as well.

Tisha McLean is in love with a monster. For five years she watched Steven Smith do some nefarious things. Not knowing how he felt about her all these years has left her with some hard choices to make. But when an attempt on Steven’s life is almost successful, can she put aside what her head knows is right and go with her heart?

It takes a special kind of woman to melt a monster’s heart…if he’s willing.

Hybrids. A new species created from a blood-borne virus passed from vampires sweeping through the wolf shifter population of Portland and surrounding areas. Infected wolf shifters evolve into a creature that is still wolf with all the attributes of a vampire, including their occasional thirst for blood. A member of this new breed is a killer draining unsuspecting women of their life blood and dumping their prey on the Portland Pack lands.

Keonna Johnson is over trying to hold onto a relationship that is doing nothing for her. Over being the one giving and not getting anything in return. Deciding to end it and disembark from a cruise vacation, she finds herself lost in the forest on pack lands after her rental car breaks down. Unaware of the secret world and danger she has landed in and with no way to call for help, she comes face-to-snout with snarling wolves. Next thing she knows she’s waking up in a clinic with a broken wrist and an unknown illness. After completing a battery of tests for every disease known to man, the results reveal family secrets and something no one thought possible.

Darren Williams, the next Alpha of the Portland Pack has no desire, to find the mate he gave up looking for a long time ago. His attention is directed towards more pressing matters going on in his pack at the moment, such as the hybrid stacking bodies on his pack’s land. Stumbling upon his mate while on patrol was not in his plan, but with a murderer on the loose and an unexpected illness, getting her to safety is his first priority. Secrets uncovered about his mate threatens to rock the hybrid world as he knows it.

Keonna’s safe little bubble is about to pop, and she has no other choice but to adapt or face extinction. Will the secrets of her family shed light on her troubling dreams? Or will the threat to her life cast shadow over Darren’s struggle to protect his destiny?

I was born Mala. Son of Rahan and Salda. Born on the west coast of Africa, at the age of twenty-five I became one of my tribe’s most formidable warriors. But all my fierceness in battle couldn’t save my village from being captured and taken away during the slave trade. I alone survived, walking the streets of a foreign land, begging for scraps and a place to rest my head. That is until Nadeem took pity on me, hiring me to keep watch during the day. Nadeem was a being my people called a night crawler–only existing in the night and feeding off others. With no family and no hope of ever finding those lost, Nadeem turned me and became my teacher.

My voyage to the United States came many years later once Nadeem was murdered. I saw the changes the U.S. went through year after year as I traveled from coast to coast eventually settling in a secluded area, away from civilization in the Northwest. There in the most unusual place I met the most extraordinary woman named Marin—a wolf shifter. She was my mate, and our bond was true, until it wasn’t. Falling into despair and wasting away, the relationship between wolves and vampires crumbled.

With help from Marin, I once again lived up to my title–the Ancient One, devising a plan to open communications between wolves and vampires. But I wasn’t ready for the power or the pleasure awaiting me within the Portland Coven thus losing myself in the process. Marin rescued me once again and I set out to raise an army aligning myself with Marin’s new mate.

Can the two of us put love in the past for the sake of the future or will the hurt between us ensure our end?

I am Malarick, Councilman and vampire representative on the Council of Immortals, King Malarick of the Coven Nadeem, and the Ancient One. This is my story.

Yasmin Ransom was used to being her own person in her time away from the Glades Pride before the negotiation between her and the Elders. A negotiation that came with a promise on her part to go back and mate with who her father chose for her. But there, she was treated like a second-class citizen with no say in what happened in her life. When Yasmin received an unexpected guest, she’ll have to fight with everything she has to make it back to her mates.

Jarell and Shawn found out their mate was promised to another, which came as a hard blow when they were getting her to accept them. The problem? They hadn’t claimed her yet, so she was still fair game.

A cold, hard storm brewing for the Portland Pack had the potential to reveal shifters to the humans and change their world forever. Will Jarell and Shawn get to their mate in time to save her, or will the threat to the pack be more than they can handle? Can they claim her before it’s too late, or will her father’s threats cause them to lose Yasmin forever?

At twenty-one Rese McNair thought she found the man of her dreams in Ryan Warner, but she didn’t know about the monster hiding under his smooth chocolate skin and hundred-watt smile. Ryan cut Rese off from friends, alienating her and monopolizing her time, making it easier to control her. Being young and in love made Rese blind to what was right in front her. But loving Ryan Warner hurt. Literally.

Enter cute guy from the grocery store. Three days after meeting, Rese can’t seem to get him out of her head. This chance meeting leads to one of the best interludes of her life. The shy guy she saw days ago, was an Alpha in the bedroom. She might not have been looking for a permanent relationship, but Jason Merrick was tearing down all the defenses she built around her heart. However, when Ryan finds Rese, to keep the man she has fallen in love with and her best friend safe, Rese runs back to the place she never thought she would step foot in again. Her hometown.

Jason Merrick has an ordinary life, with an ordinary job until he runs into an extraordinary woman and fixated on her. Rese McNair was everything he could ever want in a woman. Too bad he doesn’t have the courage to introduce himself, even when he saw that same spark of interest in her eyes.

A chance meeting with Rese ends up as one of the best experiences of his life. Jason was determined to learn more about the mysterious woman and insert himself into her life. But she’s repulsed by his touch, except when they’re in bed. When Rese decided to bail on him, Jason refused to let her go. Will Rese be able to open up and let Jason love her? Or will she let fear dictate her happily ever after? Jason has no clue what he’s in for loving someone damaged like Rese, but he’s willing to find out. Can Jason win the battle for Rese’s heart and win the woman of his dreams?

Love was never in the picture for freelance photographer Jamal Taylor. His destiny seemed to be only taking scores of pictures of those in love, surrounded by love, even saying goodbye to love. Finding himself having unsolicited thoughts about the owner of his favorite eatery Chantel fifty, takes him by surprise. The most natural thing in the world was for him to ask her to sit for him. He would love to capture her beauty with his camera and create his own love session with her. However, for the past three years he’s asked, she’s turned him down. Jamal wonders what she’s hiding and what he could do to get Chantel to trust him enough to open up to help her.

Chantel Daniels never thought she would live a life in hiding. Dreams of owning her own five-star restaurant falling to the wayside as she accepts her fate as a high profile lawyer’s kept trophy wife. With nothing of her own, for a while, Chantel is content to obey and be what her husband wants her to be, losing herself in the process. Until Chantel finds incriminating files and tens of thousands of dollars in bribe money. She can barely believe her well-respected husband is involved with the criminal world until a man threatens her. Chantel makes a decision to break away from her controlling husband and run. Although four years later, with a new life and new beginning, keeping a secret such as hers, Chantel is lonely. When sexy as hell photographer Jamal Taylor shows interest in her, the temptation of the Chocolate Delights he promises gets harder and harder to resist.

Can Chantel let go, open her heart and tell Jamal her secrets? Is Jamal strong enough to handle the storm Chantel brings his way? Chocolate never tasted so sweet when danger is in the mix.

Daeshim Kwon spent eight years working his dream job, not wanting for anything other than a nice quiet life as a forensic scientist. His only problem was the empty black hole currently masquerading as his love life. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t get the one thing good in his life off his mind: Nyia Crosland. Daeshim didn’t want to leave. Didn’t want to break it off, but he had no other choice when he depended on them for everything.

They wouldn’t let him marry her.

She wasn’t one of them.

A secret Daeshim kept to himself.

Nyia Crosland spent eight years taking care of her son and loving her job at Chantel Fifty. Although finishing school was out of the picture, her life was still fulfilling…except for the space in her heart HE left. She spent eight years trying to forget Daeshim, but how could she when there was a daily reminder who looked more and more like his father with each passing day? Nyia couldn’t bear to tell anyone her suspicions, why Daeshim decided to leave without telling her, but she knew.

They didn’t accept her.

She wasn’t one of them.

A secret Nyia was willing to keep to herself.

Can these two find their way back to one another or will the secrets they keep continue to keep them apart?

Rory Murphy can finally say that after all his trials and tribulations, he’s finally become a successful business owner. With his older brother’s help, Rory’s made some good investments and has been able to live comfortably. Now if only he could meet someone to share his life and love of coffee with. He’s hoping to sweep gorgeous mahogany doctor off her feet. Rory’s never met anyone like her. Meantime, he’s working to get his family out of the mess his little brother Brendan has gotten the family into with the local crime syndicate.

Laysha Graham is a small-town girl living a big city dream. She loves being an Emergency Room Doctor and she’s worked extensively to become one of the best in her field. She’s seen everything you can imagine and more come through that emergency room door. Working twelve-hour shifts has not left a lot of room for love, but that might be changing now that she’s met an Irishman who owns the cafe Laysha walks past on her way to the hospital. He seems intent on teaching her everything he knows about coffee and matters of the heart.

But when Laysha’s life is in danger, they think it has something to do with his brother’s troubles or could trouble be closer than they think?

Ashya Graham moved to Massachusetts in hopes of living the fairy tale life with her boyfriend Jared. Two months after moving away from everything she knew and loved Jared up and left, leaving Ashya alone and estranged from everyone, including her twin Laysha. That was until Brendan Murphy walked into her life. He’d become her best friend, confidant, and lifeline, helping her regain her self-worth. But when Brendan finds himself on the run from a local crew, will she be able to handle the possibility of losing him to his family secret? Or will love conquer all?

Brendan Murphy just wants to live his life the way he wants to live it. His best friend Ashya taught him that. To live in the moment no matter what comes. He was not a businessman like his brothers. No, Brendan was a brawler. Always had been. But when a local crew comes after him, he has no choice but to run or face dragging Ashya, the woman he loves, into his mess. When his brother Rory’s girlfriend is taken, it causes family secrets to be revealed. Secrets that help shed light on Brendan’s true nature. Will they be able to settle his mishap with the local crew? Or will the temptation of the life offered, be too great to turn down?

The world hidden from him is looking more and more like a possibility, but is he willing to lose Ashya in return?

Liam Murphy never thought in a million years that he and his brothers would be a part of a sect of the Irish Mob. But when his baby brother Brendan, decides to take up their deceased father’s mantle, and head the O’Malley Clan, there’s no way Liam is going to let him shoulder the burden alone. What he didn’t count on was how protective and obsessive he would become for a woman almost twenty years his junior. All he needed to do was keep her crazy ex away from her and in the process,keep himself from going to jail for a very long time for crimes he didn’t commit.

Rena Brown is finally getting it together. With help from some very nice people, she has a job and a place to live. Her relationship with her sister is better than ever. Intimate relationships? That is another story. With an ex-boyfriend who can’t mind a restraining order. And the most broody, scariest, mysterious, sexiest man she’s ever seen in her life, all of a sudden, likes to camp out in front of her building. Who has time for an intimate relationship? Not to mention finally meeting her father, all of it is more than Rena can take.

Will Liam and Rena’s budding relationship survive life’s unexpected twist?

Tis the season to laugh and love. Tis the season for joy and for miracles. With the way things have been going lately with the Murphy Brothers and the O’Malley Clan of Boston, they are going to need a sprinkle of Christmas magic as well to get past this one.
Take the Christmas Spirit and mix it with a Christmas miracle and you have a recipe for just what this family needs.
Join the Murphy’s and the O’Malley Clan as they gather together at the family ranch for the holidays.

Find your might. Discover your magic.

My contribution to this anthology is entitled Sight.

Nakira can’t wait for graduation in two more days. Two more days and she’ll get the chance to get away from all the whispers and finger-pointing of people in her small town. Her parents tried to shield her from all the rumors, but Nakira is older now and she can hear. Too bad the whispers of witch might be right, because as soon as she turned 18, the visions started. Now somehow she’s got to summon the courage to tell the most popular boy in school that he’s going to die.

You can read Sight in the Girls of Might and Magic Diverse Anthology.

As a Miami nightclub owner, Paolo takes to heart the code a life for a life, as do all the DeLuca’s. That code, for Paolo, extends to the people under his employment. But he also has his own personal rules: Don’t f**k the help. But it’s getting more and more difficult for him to keep his eyes off his sultry and sexy mahogany bartender, Lyric Mason. He doesn’t have time for love, not when there is a local gang trying to encroach on his counterfeit business.

Lyric Mason knows about those DeLuca’s. Her grandfather warned her not to get entangled with them and her grandmother doted on them. However, paying her way through art school is not up for debate. She does what she has to do, but when Lyric recognizes counterfeit bills filtering through the club, she finds herself in the middle of a storm that brings her up close and personal with the boss. And when he finally makes his presence known, time stands still, and Lyric is ready to throw away everything engrained in her about those DeLuca’s away.

Hell breaks loose and heads roll when you mess with Paolo’s family.

Torren Blue had no idea what he was in for the day he decided to share his lunch with a beaten and battered woman in the employee’s lounge at K&M Distribution. Didn’t understand why his blood boiled as she cried on his shoulder and then thanked him for his kindness. And Torren Blue didn’t know what he was in for when he and Kha’rin Moore became best friends and decided to take their relationship to another level. Their budding relationship couldn’t have been going any better–surviving his admission of being affluent, to the debacle of Sunday Dinner and the fury of Angel Blue, his mother. None of it compared to him pushing her back into the arms of the one person who could do her the most harm, because he couldn’t tell her who he really was. He’d made some mistakes. One’s that could cost him the one person he loves the most. Kha’rin Moore has come into her own. All it took was the strength to leave an abusive relationship and the love of her best friend Torren. Things are going better than expected when they decide to take their relationship to another level, which comes with Torren revealing he is a member of one of the richest families in the city.
Okay, she can deal with that. Doesn’t change who is to her, not one bit. What she can’t handle is him not rusting her enough to reveal ALL of him to her, on top of her ex barreling back into her life. Everything seems to be spiraling and she doesn’t know how to stop herself from falling back into old habits.
Will Torren and Kha’rin be able to get past Torren’s secrets and her past relationship?